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About Spectrum Analysts

Spectrum Analysts are global market analysts and consultants to the Entertainment and Retail / Shopping Centre Industries, with focus on site location projects using sophisticated Geographic Information Systems. Spectrum Analysts have successfully completed 1500 research projects in 30 countries and over 200 cities. Expertise in local market places and the use of latest technology enable our professional staff to meet client needs by reporting reliable and accurate findings supported by informed recommendations.


Spectrum Analysts operates worldwide with offices as well as operatives in several locations. Below is a list of countries where studies have been performed.

* Argentina

* Australia

* Austria

* Belgium

* Canada

* China

* Czech Republic

* France

* General

* Germany

* Greece

* Hong Kong

* Hungary

* India

* Italy

* Malaysia

* New Zealand

* Northern Ireland

* Romania

* Scotland

* Singapore

* Slovakia

* South Africa

* South America

* South Korea

* Switzerland

* Taiwan

* Thailand

* United Arab Emirates

* United Kingdom

* United States of America

* Uruguay


Sydney Spectrum Analysts head office is in Sydney Australia and provides the resources and technical infrastructure to support the other offices. North and South American projects are directly handled from Australia.

London Europe is serviced out of the London office, supported by Ozseeker Ltd and regional professionals drawn from Australia. For additional questions or comments regarding who we are or what we do, please feel free to contact us using the information provided on the Contact Details page.